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Chef Charlie

The latest sketch from Green Jack Productions

Chef Charlie has started production on a brand new cooking show. Trouble abounds as he battles crippling stage fright and overbearing executive producer Hank Proctor.

Lift Girl!

The original series by Green Jack Productions

Season one of Lift Girl is here! A story about a personal driver in Hollywood destined for greatness. If she can only overcome the endless onslaught of crazies she encounters on a daily basis! Fans of "The Office" and "Parks and Recreation" will feel right at home with the crazy antics this indie series has to offer!

Maybe Tonight

The current project under development by Green Jack. Currently casting!

Six friends ring in the new year together in a night that will see their lives changed forever.

About Jake

Jake Cole was born in Fort Worth, Texas. After moving around a bit, Jake's family settled in a rural area onto twenty-six acres of land. It was here he would spend the rest of his childhood years. During this time, Jake performed in various school plays and sketches but it wasn't until Jake's older sister Jamie bought their parents a camcorder for Christmas that would solidify Jake as a future actor and director. Jake utilized their new camera to make movies and sketches for his friends and family and before the days of internet virality, Jake put together a VHS copy of his videos which circulated the school like wildfire. Jake's popularity throughout their small town grew and Jake discovered he was meant for bigger and better things. Jake left high school in the 10th grade to homeschool himself and work odd jobs for extra income. He continued writing and formed a comedy duo with his best friend and fellow writer Christopher Haygood. The team wrote and performed hundreds of sketches over the next few years.


Jake's older sister eventually played another hand in pushing Jake's career along. After hearing about an acting scouting program on the radio, Jamie told Jake about an event called ProScout. Jake decided to audition for ProScout and was admitted to their event in Dallas. It was here that Jake met Craig Holzberg of the Avalon Artists Group, a bi-coastal acting agency. The two hit it off and after their meeting, it was clear that Jake had to make a change. He had waited long enough to launch a professional career in acting and packed his things for Los Angeles, California.


Once he arrived, Jake signed with Avalon and soon started auditioning. While getting the lay of the land and adjusting to life in California, Jake thought it would be a good idea to start working as an extra. The on-set experience and exposure was a great starting point for Jake. Throughout his time as an extra, Jake appeared in many television shows and movies including Transformers 3, Cougar Town, Chuck and Californication. Deciding he had enough experience working with professional directors and actors in this way, Jake stopped seeking jobs as an extra and focused on booking speaking roles. He eventually caught a break and landed a national Wendy's ad campaign which would run throughout the United States for the next calendar year. Jake used the money he earned from this to settle himself financially and solidify his standing in California. After this, Jake felt it was time to get back into the directing ring. After consulting with fellow actors, Jake decided the best way to gain major experience would be to create his own web series. He came up with the idea of "Lift Girl", a story about a female personal driver who would work in Hollywood picking up fares and getting into misadventures. Jake's close friend and actress Natasha Wiener would star and Jake would direct. Not content with being behind the camera Jake cast himself as "Bad Guy", a local criminal who would help Lift Girl unlock her true potential. Season one of the series consists of ten episodes which can currently been seen streaming on YouTube.


Now a member of the Screen Actors Guild, Jake auditions regularly for film and TV. Never complacent, Jake is continuing his studies as an actor and looks forward to the future with his sights set on continued success.